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                Holographic interactive projection

                    The holographic interactive projection system is based on the traditional projection equipment and function, combined with the capture equipment (inductor), application server and display and other scientific and technological equipment. After capturing and photographing the target image (such as participants), it is analyzed by the image analysis system to produce the action data of the captured capture object. Then combined with real-time image interaction system, participants can interact with the screen.It's a new type of projection system. It uses advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a dynamic interactive experience. It can be used in science and Technology Museum, planning hall, museum,exhibition hall, enterprise exhibition hall, exhibition scene,shopping mall, hotel and hotel, bar, new product release, wedding ceremony, office building, venue, square and other traditional multimedia technology which can not be realized.

                    The first part:the signal acquisition part, which is captured and photographed according to the interactive needs. The device has infrared sensors, video camcorders, thermal cameras and so on.
                    The second part:the signal processing part, which analyzes the data collected in real time, and the data generated is interfaced with the virtual scene system.
                    The third part:the imaging part, using the projector or other imaging equipment to present the image in a specific position, the imaging equipment, in addition to the projector, the plasma display, the liquid crystal display and the LED screen can be used as the carrier of the interactive image.
                    The fourth part:auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, audio devices, etc.

                    1.Attracting people, new interactive effects will inevitably attract and guide the flow of visitors. At the same time, good design and artistic effects will enhance the atmosphere of interaction for museums.
                    2.It can guide the direction, can be used as a functional type, such as the intelligent museum guidelines, inquiries, compared to the traditional indicator card query screen more humanized.
                    3.Non-contact communication, more humane, while reducing the incidence of bacterial infection caused by human contact.
                    4.Economic benefits, the new media art can be made into the form of real time interactive advertising, and let the tourists interact with the publicity, increase the popularity of the museum, deepen the impression of the visitors to the museum. The museum has been propagandist and entertained the audience at the same time.


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