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                9D VR cinema

                VR cinema  made all the unthinkable in front of the eyes
                    The 9D VR cinema is a new high-tech video amusement facility that "pulls" the big screen into the eyes of the experience, showing another world view under your eyelids. Virtual reality displays enable users to interact with 3D virtual reality environments through multiple interactive devices and enhance user experience immersion.

                Features of 9D VR cinema:
                1.Free angle free field of vision
                    125° bionic visual field angle, 1080P double eyes independent high-definition resolution, special 9D helmet, bring users the unique enjoyment of the virtual world without dead angle: surreal contact is here, the dream of the virtual world is in touch.
                2.Dynamic special effect interactive storehouse
                    The electric single seat motion technology has never been surpassed. The speed of motion can be adjusted from 10mm/ s to 167mm/ s. The motion control is precise and delicate, and the sense of presence is promoted again. The interior of the storehouse also has rich special effects such as shock strands, quake backs and poke backs, making users more entertaining and more immersive.
                3.Electromagnetic suspension moving platform
                    The electromagnetic suspension movement platform, reducing the real movement process, can simulate the motion posture of various plots in the film, such as swaying, lifting, pitching, offset, transverse, turbulent, and so on. Every move is a change, every turn is a surprise, so that users can fully feel the real space displacement pleasure in the virtual world.
                4.Head somatosensory aim
                    Built-in 9 axis sensor, 360 degrees head tracking, no longer hold heavy weapons, only gently turn the head, can be accurately aimed, with the handle one key shot, form new, like the avatar mythological personage Medusa, at any time enjoy the full sight of a second sight.
                5.The content is all embracing
                    Inherit the advantages of film research and development, integrate various entertainment elements, make users more colorful in the virtual world: virtual fighting, virtual shooting, virtual roller coaster, virtual flying, virtual driving, virtual treadmill... The endless stimulation content is very dizzying, pleasant surprises.
                6.Real time live broadcast
                    The scene of virtual game competition will be carried out through the large screen, and it will integrate self entertainment and performance in one, and meet the two kinds of entertainment needs of the users at one time. At the same time, such a free live advertisement is also very helpful to attract passers-by to watch the crowd, and to increase the attention.


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