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                Voidsee displayed the latest product at the Global Virtual Reality Conference

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-07-04

                    In June 27th, the third Global Virtual Reality Conference was held in Shanghai China Europe International Business School. In order to ensure the successful holding of the conference, rehearsal was conducted at the W4 Hall of the New International Expo Center in Shanghai on the afternoon of June 26th. The staff of Voidsee is responsible for the product display to the chief scientist Professor Shou-Qian Ding to learn the latest product of the company, the demonstration method and the content of the 3D high definition stereoscopic cinema, to concentrate on the exhibition exhibits and the information brought by Professor Li, so as to go to the cloth exhibition early in the early 27

                    At 8:30 on the morning of 27, the exhibition began in Pyramid in Central Europe. The exhibition of Voidsee attracted many visitors, and the staff made a detailed explanation and demonstration.

                    The video content of this display is mainly a biologic movie. The water drops to the surface of the lake, arousing a circle of ripples. The green Gladiolus is growing, the lily flower bud is in full bloom, and the natural growth cycle of the month is compressed into a few seconds.It's amazing.The spider had a beautiful net, a honeybee and a dull head, even if he tried to flutter its wings, and it was no avail to become a captive of the spider. A snail crawled slowly, stretched its soft body and tentacles, like a soft woman who was a yoga girl in the morning, soothing and comfortable.

                    Suddenly a bright light bulb appeared on the picture, exploding in a thunderbolt, like a snowflake splashing shrew on my eyes, close to my eyes, and a step back.

                    There is also a sexy and beautiful Korean TOP Girl hot dance video, immediately let a person in front of a bright: body shape long young beauty, dancing, lively rhythm, dance step light, really move if rabbit, vigorous and agile, as if their elegant skirts will come, so move.People can not help thinking of the famous words in the song of Bai Juyi's dress and feather clothes dance song: "turn swirl back to the snow, send the Dragon surprise, the complex sound twelve times, jump the Pearl and shake the jade He Kengzheng!" Bai Juyi was in love with this: "at that time, at first sight, the gaze was not enough."

                    3D medical samples are also on display. In medical schools, students can perform autopsy and various surgical exercises in virtual laboratories. With this technology, the cost of training is greatly reduced because it is not restricted by specimens and venues. Some virtual reality systems for medical training, practice and research have very high degree of simulation, and their advantages and effects are immeasurable and incomparable. Surgeons can repeatedly simulate surgery on a display, move the organs inside the body, look for the best surgical plan and improve their proficiency before the real operation, with the help of virtual reality technology.

                    In addition, there are a long history of the sexy India dance, the magnificent seabed world, the endless desert, the group of animals and so on, the audience is in the world, very input, and reap a lot of praise, such as:
                    Miss Zhang: Yes, it is clear. The user experience is excellent!
                    Mr. Zhao: Good, don't feel dizzy!
                    Mr. Liu: It feels very clear. It seems to be running along with the people in the video.

                    The exhibition has been a success, attracting a large number of visitors, improving the popularity of metaphysics technology, and also let people know the latest product of the company, 3D high-definition stereoscopic cinema. The next step is to accelerate the improvement of the 5K machine, develop the 8K integrated machine, strive for all kinds of investment, and strengthen the company's personnel introduction and organization construction. We will make the best VR equipment in the world!


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