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                Voidsee's 5K HD all-in-one press conference was held

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-07-05

                    At 3 o'clock on June 27th, Voidsee conference of 5K high definition machine based on Non-paraxial Optics was held on time at the W4 Museum in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Ms.Ling Liu, the marketing consultant of Voidsee, presented the presentation, and the chief scientist, Professor Shou-Qian Ding and others, showed the exhibition.

                    At the conference, Ling Liu first introduced the inventor Shou-Qian Ding and Jin-Liang Li. Professor Shou-Qian Ding, the chief scientist of the company, was a professor of the Department of Electronic Science of Nankai University, the director of the SID society of the United States and the Chinese society of electronic society, enjoying the special subsidy of the government, and won the two prize of the national invention in 1989. Professor Jin-Liang Li, the senior adviser of the company, is a member of the former Electronic Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of information industry, and enjoys a special government subsidy expert, the executive director of the China Mobile communications Federation and the Chinese communications society.

                    Ding’s 3D glasses, invented by Professor Shou-Qian Ding and Professor Jin-Liang Li (patent number: 200910070421.0 and 201410554496.7), have signed an authorization agreement and entered into force. The most important success of this invention is to solve the problem of VR glasses vertigo, so that the company's technology can lead the world.

                    In May 21st this year, according to the invention patent design, made by Voidsee, personal stereoscopic cinema with 3D printing to make a beautiful display prototype, sharpness to 5K level, the graphics are also larger than before, in the SID Display Week 2018 in the United States, high praise, such as:
                    Former SID chairman DR. L.F.Weber: after watching the invention of Professor Ding, he gave a high evaluation: Quite Nice!

                    In Hongkong, the famous director of the 3D art film , Zi-Chang Feng, were very interested in watching the high definition 3D program.The picture is lifelike, lifelike.

                    Harit Dosln : It‘s not dizzy like most other optics.
                    John Dogan : Not dizzy, very cool quality !
                    Broch Me: More comfortable than any one else! Great!
                    Matthew : excellent definition! Feel comfortable, don't feel dizzy.

                    Non-paraxial imaging VR glasses have the following characteristics:
                    1. the non - paraxial lens is used.
                    2. it is easy to design high resolution VR devices.
                    A) the screen source is lazy. At present, the screen capacity of 4K has been monopolized by big factories. With our design, we can design the 4K effect with the 2K screen.
                    B) easy to purchase and cheap, the circuit design is relatively mature, easy to mass production.
                    C) the color and image quality of the screen are high, and it can guarantee the same display quality as the film source. It is suitable for any age.
                    3. because of the characteristics of non paraxial imaging, the dizziness of VR glasses has been solved.
                    4. all existing sources can be viewed without source restriction.

                    The invention can be made into a head type or a hand-held or a display type. It can be used for both view and different applications, such as stereoscopic games, virtual reality (VR), enhanced virtual reality (AR), three-dimensional internet of things, mail order, tourism, cultural communication, wedding photography (stereoscopic photo), public security,national defense, transportation, and scientific research.It will also play an irreplaceable role in medical imaging because of its high clarity, high brightness and keeping the 3D display only to keep the gray level from loss and so on.

                    The conference was a great success and improved the popularity of Voidsee. We will make the best VR equipment in the world!


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