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                Voidsee participated in the Global Virtual Reality Conference road performance and won the Popularity Award

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-07-09

                    At 5 p.m. on June 27th, the third Global Virtual Reality Conference "cognition of Silicon Valley tomorrow Galaxy" was formally started in the China European International Business School hall. The host was Grace Ge, a partner of the group of Rui Sheng group.The commented guests are: social value investment alliance / First Council executive director / founding Secretary General Hong Bai, partner of the cloud stone fund Yong Tao, angel hundred fund founder partner Luo-Hong Zhou.

                    Voidsee fifth, the main speaker is Voidsee CEO Dr. Hui-Zhong Jia, the theme "based on the Non-paraxial Optics virtual reality system", and finally won the science and technology innovation project road performance prize. Dr. Jia said, the non - paraxial imaging VR technology was invented by Professor Shou-Qian Ding and Professor Jin-Liang Li - patent numbers: 2009 10070421.0 and 201410554496.7, which had already signed and entered into effect.The most important success of this invention is to solve the problem of vertigo in VR glasses, so that the company's technology can lead the world. 2018 Losangeles Display week, former SID chairman DR. L.F.Weber, after watching the invention of Professor Ding, also highly praised: Quite Nice!

                     At present, Voidsee intends to invite investors to participate in the Pre-A round of financing, with a planned financing amount of RMB ten million yuan.The funds for this round of financing will be used as follows:
                1. Recruitment of 15 development engineers.:
                   Developing HD 5K/8K integrated machine for niche market
                   Developing a 3K/4K integrated machine for the mass market
                   3D HD Movie solutions and VR classroom solutions
                2. Recruitment of 5 markets and salesmen
                3. Marketing related input
                4. the initial operating capital of the hardware production required for the project

                    VR/AR education software market is very big. According to the global VR/AR education software market analysis published by Goldman Sachs in 2016, the global VR/AR education software market will reach $300 million in 2020, and will reach $700 million in 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 18.5%. China's VR/AR education industry has completed its initial business trigger period and bubble growth period, and has entered a mature and stable stage of development. A huge population base and strong purchasing power create a unique Chinese education market. It is reported that the extracurricular market of primary education in China has reached a scale of RMB fifty billion. Private private education is developing vigorously. In order to improve the quality of education and attract more students, more and more private schools are making great efforts to introduce VR/AR education means.

                    The 2018 annual plan of Voidsee mainly includes:
                (1) adopt B2B mode to focus on customer development for education, training, cultural industry and governments at all levels.
                (2) ongoing projects include the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department's earthquake relief and safety education VR classroom demonstration project and the 8K 3D HD movie theater of Hongkong Digital Magic Limited.
                (3) signed a VR/AR supply contract with the OEM.
                (4) recruitment market and sales staff.
                (5) recruitment of key technical development engineers.
                (6) continue to develop and perfect VR classroom showcase and VR 3D HD cinema.

                    A guest commented that metaphysic technology can solve the VR vertigo is very difficult, because vertigo is indeed a major flaw in the development of VR, which has brought adverse effects on the development of the VR market, and we expect to have a better development in the future. In addition, the company lacks the ability to expand its business.The follow-up should strengthen the recruitment of talents in this area.

                    During the comments, the guests also experienced our latest products, all of which were clear and not vertigo.

                    Voidsee is based on the education and cultural industry, is committed to provide the most advanced VR/AR system solutions, VR/AR hardware platform, and developing excellent VR/AR content with customers, completely changing the way people observe and perceive the world. We will make the best VR equipment in the world!


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