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                Voidsee and the kids spend Children's Day

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-06-04

                    In the morning of June 2nd, Pinghu Science Popularization Center held the theme of "free tour of popular science, children's heart flying" Children's day. Voidsee was invited to let the children carry out the latest VR experience.

                    With the popularity of festival culture, Children's day entertainment needs have also been upgraded to the 2 version. Parent-child and creativity have become the standard elements of today's Children's day. So the children at the scene are quickly attracted by our products, competing to wear VR glasses experience. In order to make children enjoy different happiness and feelings from the VR experience, the main VR experiences are: Fruit Ninja VR, LONGBOW, Counter Fight, Fancy Skiing, The Blu and so on.

                    Fruit Ninja VR:After wearing VR glasses, the children will be placed in a green mountain courtyard. The panoramic view of the Chinese wind is associated with the film "Kung Fu Panda", and the two handles are two pieces of fruit cutting swords in the picture. The game is divided into three modes: classics, props and Zen.

                    There is no time limit in the classic model, but there are only three turnovers, and sometimes the bomb will be on the line with the fruit, and the children are particularly vulnerable to the bomb when they wave their arms. In the prop model, the time limit is 1 minutes. The effect of the frozen bananas is done very well. The scene of the game becomes winter and the speed of the fruit becomes very slow. It feels like the "bullet time" in the matrix of the matrix. The Zen model is a great test of the knife, because there are no extra points in this model. To get a high score, a fruit must not be missed, and it takes a lot of skill to play as much as possible.

                    LONGBOW:Entering the game, the children will be in an open castle, and the experience of the game becomes more real when the operation is changed from the mouse to the VR controller. The rule of the game is to defend our own walls and shoot the enemy soldiers and prevent them from coming to our door. On the map, oil tanks are set up to increase the scope of lethality, so that small archers can get out of danger in critical situations.

                    The game needs to master the skill is the flying ballistic and flight time of the bow and arrow, the need to master the amount of advance, and the arm can not tremble, one shakes do not know where to go.At the same time, in the operation of the bow and arrow, the game is inadvertently hidden in this simple game. If the bow is not full, the distance of the arrow is very short, and the VR controller makes a slight vibration and friction when it is arrows on the bow, and it simulates the feeling of archery very truly. Some children kneel directly on the ground in search of the right shooting angle.

                    Counter Fight:This is a work simulation game. After entering the game, the children will play the boss of the noodle shop, cook noodles and dumplings for the customers who come to the store. The ingredients include lamian noodles with various ingredients, fried dumplings and beer.

                    The way to make noodles is imitated by reality. Players need to make noodle soup carefully, pour noodles into them, and add topping. There is a cold storage step for beer. Even when a shop opens, there are thieves who need to use the props, seaweed and other props to smash him. If you perform well, the assistant will deliver a nutritious drink to you. If you are upset, you can also smash things to customers and make them angry.

                    Fancy Skiing:After entering the game, children will be placed in snowy mountain, and use the snow stick of the handle incarnate to push themselves forward in the snow. The goal of speed is to win faster.

                    But in the process of skiing, there is no straight line forward without any obstacles. So there are various roadblocks in the game, such as trees, boulders, canyons, and even roadside deer. To avoid these obstacles, you only need to tilt your body to the left or right, and you can add points to hit the deer.

                    theBlu:After entering the game, the children will be in a sea, and the sea creatures are in front of you, wandering on your nose. They are either huge, strong, or grotesque, and all make you wonder.

                    The beautiful picture is the biggest highlight of the game. Every detail of the game is so vivid and perfect that it adds the interactive nature of the game so that the children can interact directly with the game scene. This interactive model is new and interesting and can not help but experience the end of the game. When children are waving their hands, the wave will change direction along with the waving. Small plankton will also change the direction of swimming.

                    Of course, we also provide the mobile phone VR device of Voidsee for children to experience, put the mobile phone in the device and wear it, then you can watch the image.

                    The scene is realistic, a thrilling roller coaster, a magnificent seabed world, an endless desert, a group of animals, and so on. The children are in their borders. They also turn their heads from time to time to increase their vision and watch the 360 degree panorama.

                    Our VR products have become "fun partners" for children's day with their immersive experience, unique interactive ways, and rich puzzle games.

                    From the "congestion" situation and the children's "happy" reaction, Voidsee VR equipment experience area is the "most popular" exhibition area of the Science Popularization Center, and we can see that our VR experience is the biggest highlight of the children's day. In the future, we will try our best to provide more experience items for children, so that we can feel the joy of VR.


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