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                Prof. Shou-Qian Ding, the Chief Scientist of Voidsee, went to the United States to attend SID Display Week

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-05-28

                    In May 23rd, global display of industry events——SID Display Week 2018 was held in Losangeles, the United States. Prof. Shou-Qian Ding, the Chief Scientist of Voidsee, showed the latest VR product. Because the optical structure of VR products of Voidsee completely simulates the state of seeing the natural things in human eyes, it completely solves the problem of vertigo, one of the stubborn diseases of the virtual reality. Through this release, we will push the world virtual reality industry into a new era in technology, and we aspire to be the best provider of VR equipment in the world!

                (Professor Ding took part in the exhibition)

                    At this exhibition, the display of new technology and new products from the world is full of ghosts and ghosts, bringing a feast for visitors.Prof. Shou-Qian Ding's latest VR prototype has received wide attention at the scene.

                (Professor Ding,Mr. and Mrs. Zi-Chang Feng, a famous 3D director in Hongkong, take a group photo)

                    The video on display is mainly a rippling lake,the lilies blooming in bloom,the natural growth cycle of a month is compressed into dozens of seconds, and snail stretches its soft body and tentacles. A glittering light bulb exploded in a thunderbolt, like a snowflake splashing debris coming over his glasses and let people unconsciously close their eyes and step back one step.The experience of a long time to watch the film does not feel dizzy, the scenery is bright and brilliant in the glasses, the color is brilliant, and the colorful nature of the nature becomes accessible, intoxicated and comfortable.

                    This is based on the invention of Prof. Shou-Qian Ding’s original non - axis optics theory, which allows glasses to accurately reflect the three dimensions of the object, showing many different highlights in color, clarity, depth of field and so on.

                The above is Professor Ding,Prof.Hai-Cheng Guo(right second),SID chairman of the Hongkong branch, Prof.Qiong-Hua Wang(right first), the newly elected SID Fellow, and Mindy (left first), SID Beijing branch secretary, take a group photo

                    Only the eccentric mirror based on the Non - paraxial Optical theory can make the image undistorted, and try to make the left eye see only the left virtual image, and the right eye can only see the right virtual image. This 3D display is completely the visual mechanism of the bionic human.Therefore, Non-paraxial Optics is the theoretical basis for forming high-quality 3D images. At present, this theory is unique, and the quality of imaging is far more than that of ordinary products.

                The above is Professor Ding,former chairman of the SID (the four on the right) and Prof. Qun Yan(left first), the current chairman of the Beijing branch of SID,take a group photo

                The experience responder is comfortable, the picture is clear and lifelike, and many good reviews have been gained,such as:
                SID former chairman L.F.Weber: Quite Nice!
                Harit Dosln : It's not dizzy like most other optics.
                John Dogan : Not dizzy, very cool quality!
                Daming Xu : Very impressive demo!
                Jin Jang(SID chairman of the South Korean branch): Excellent job until 100 year old.
                Broch Me: More comfortable than any one else! Great!
                Matthew: Excellent definition! Feel comfortable, don't feel dizzy.
                Dr.Han-Quan Zhang: High definition, much better than other similar products.

                Now let's give a brief introduction to the characteristics of this kind of stereoscopic glasses:
                1. Look at the naked eye, it is suitable for people of all ages over 8 years of age
                    The invention is like watching the scenery outside the window. It is very convenient to use. It is suitable for people from 8 to 80 and 90 years old.No matter whether they used to wear glasses (myopic or presbyopic) or who did not wear glasses, they could see stereoscopic images.
                2. The highest imaging quality ,and is a series of large screen stereoscopic images
                    Because of a new way, the left and right eye images are directly synthesized by pure optical shift method. The lens is made of optical glass with a high transmittance of nearly 100% or corresponding transparent resin, so the brightness is the highest;The color difference has been overcome in optical design, so the color reduction is the best and the distortion, coma and spherical aberration are reduced to undetectable degree;It is also a direct synthesis of both left and right eye images. It has a complementary role. It can see more details and can show the rays of metal and diamonds and the gloss of silk and satin. The image is clear and realistic.There is no need to use synchronous small battery, it belongs to passive system, no "flash" and "crosstalk" and so on. Therefore, it can be the first in terms of imaging quality.And the image has been properly enlarged to achieve a level of 120 inch stereo TV.
                3. Compatible with standard format and compatibility with a variety of chip sources
                    You can watch the original international standard format 3D program "Side by Side", and can directly watch the programs played by CCTV or the 3D channel on the Internet and all kinds of 3D movie programs,or directly apply the 3D format of the two cameras installed by this device.You can also watch the popular 3D program of 32:9 (Up & Down). As a result, the source is very rich.
                4. Stereo theaters developed into a versatile machine
                    Wearing stereoscopic glasses is a personal stereoscopic cinema, which combines with the 4G communication system (in 5G with 5G) to form a 3D machine that can be photographed, sent, received, stored and played in real time. It can also achieve the same purpose through the Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth and so on.
                5. Widely used, it can be applied to people's livelihood, industry, medical treatment and military affairs
                    The invention can be made into a headwear or a hand-held or display type, belonging to a public platform for high-definition stereoscopic display.It can be used for both view and different applications, such as stereoscopic games, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), three-dimensional internet of things, mail order, tourism, cultural communication, wedding photography (stereoscopic photo), public security, transportation, and scientific research. It will also play an irreplaceable role in medical imaging because of its high clarity, high brightness and keeping the 3D display only to keep the gray level from loss and so on.
                6. High cost performance
                    The invention is not only in the forefront of the world in terms of clarity, brightness, color saturation and image size,similar to foreign products in the same program, but also slightly better! It has been improved, its advantages are more prominent, its field of view is wider and wider, equivalent to the scene seen in the front row of wide screen stereoscopic cinema, but it is bright, colorful and clear, and does not need to wear special stereoscopic glasses. In addition, the price is far lower than the international similar products (such as SONY third generation head mounted display HMZ-T3W), reaching the acceptable level of the general public, so the price performance ratio is high.


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