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                Jin-Liang Li, the?senior adviser of Voidsee,Shou-Oian Ding, the chief scientist of Voidsee,delivered speeches at the third Global Virtual Reality Conference

                Author:Voidsee  |  Date:2018-07-03

                    In June 27th, the 2018 third global virtual reality Conference was opened in Shanghai central Europe International Business School. This is a grand meeting of industry leaders and practitioners in the field of Internet new technologies, such as global virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other Internet technologies.

                    At 10:15 on the 27 morning,Jin-Liang Li, the senior adviser of Voidsee / professor level engineer / the Seventh Research Institute of mobile communications, published the theme speech "5G would welcome the spring of VR" and was warmly welcomed by the whole world and won the outstanding contribution Medal of the global virtual reality conference organization committee.

                    The content of this speech includes: the main cause of the cold winter in China's VR; the spring of VR is coming; 5G would welcome the spring of VR; the state attaches great importance to the planning; the industry has experienced "winter" sharpening, return to reason, and awareness; the technical base 3D of VR has created the Non-paraxial Optics; the technical route of 5 G + 3 D is increasingly common understanding.

                    Professor Jin-Liang Li pointed out that China's VR straight fall winter, the reason for it, the first is the VR based 3D display technology is hard, second is the service direction of the wrong selection of customer groups, third is market sales less than expected, the fourth is not formed a complete ecological chain. VR experienced the 2017 "cold winter" of the sharpening, 2018 back to the rational, realize that:the first is the basis of VR 3D display technology to be excellent, second is the service direction for the B end market customer group, the third is to attach great importance to the content of the creative. China's 4G/5G market is huge, technology and industry have outstanding advantages. For the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we strive to 5G and 3D fly high.

                    At 10:15 on the 28 morning, Shou-Oian Ding, the chief scientist of Voidsee / Professor of the Electronic Science Department of Nankai University / Director of the American SID society, published the theme of "The Creation of Non-paraxial Optics and Its Application in 3D, VR & AR ", and brought the exhibits to the audience at the meeting. It was warmly welcomed and won the medal of outstanding contribution to the global virtual reality conference. The contents of this speech include: what is "Non-paraxial Optics"; how people obtain three-dimensional images; obtain 5 conditions that the ideal 3D image must meet; the gain and loss of the traditional three-dimensional imaging method; the imaging principle of Non-paraxial Optics; the application of Non-paraxial Optics theory (the design of stereoscopic glasses, high-definition bilateral screen VR machine); conclusion.

                    Professor Shou-Qian Ding pointed out that "Non-paraxial Optics" is a science that breaks through the traditional "paraxial optical (Gauss optics") "to study the law of ray imaging of non - axis. When watching, it is not like the near axis optics that the eye needs to be aligned with the rotation symmetry axis, but is to deviate from a certain distance, which is called" eccentricity ".The focal length is different from that of the paraxial optics, but the imaging rules are similar. The relationship between them is similar to Euclidean geometry and non Euclidean geometry. It is an important theoretical basis for obtaining high-quality 3D stereoscopic images.

                    Single screen VR machine is simple, convenient, good imaging quality, can be used as a popular VR product, and double screen VR is more innovative. It is the highest quality prototype of 3D imaging at present. It is a typical product of 4G/5G+3D which we put forward, and it is also a common platform for high grade 3D display. It can be combined perfectly with such projects as education, transportation, architecture, military affairs, games, VR, AR, etc. This dual - screen stereoscopic display is also particularly suitable for application in the medical display field, which can meet the most stringent requirements for the 3D image quality in medical treatment (such as not to reduce the gray level, etc.), and also to meet people's pursuit of higher level of artistic aesthetic interest. The prototype is called "high-definition personal stereo cinema (with 4G/5G)". The success of these samples also proves the correctness of the non paraxial theory.

                    【The Global Virtual· Reality Conference is aimed at establishing and promoting the industrial application and integration of new technologies such as AI/VR/AR/MR worldwide. The world's most influential entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders together learn and understand the trend of technology, industrial application and advance the progress of the world.2018 the theme of the third Global Virtual· Reality Conference is "Crossover & Integration, Creative Idea for New Era & Great Wisdom for New Future". The conference will take AR/VR+5G+AI as the core and discuss the content, platform, industry application, art, investment, product, key technology, entertainment and so on ,together to create a new era of "the city of the tomorrow".】


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